Posted on Nov 16, 2018

Bambarger Wrecker Service Inc

Heath is on the road this weekend at the American Towman Show in Baltimore, Maryland with our Driver André L. Harris Sr..

André was selected as an American Towman Medal recipient for actions in saving the life of 7 month old Demarcus Richardson from a burning car that had been involved in an accident. More info:

Since 1989 the Towman Medal has been awarded to some 300 towers, and another 200 towers received the Commendation; these honors mark some of the most amazing acts in the annals of human rescue. Indiana Jones and Superman have nothing on the American Towman.

The Medal Ceremony has evolved over the years into the March of the Heroes. The Towman Order salutes the Medal and Commendation honorees, followed by the bequeathing of the Medal as the heroic stories are told to the Festival Night audience.

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